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Created by: Rob King

Contact Information: giles-project@korelogic.com [PGP key].

The terms and conditions under which this software is released are set forth in README.LICENSE.


Giles is a compiler that creates production systems (or "engines" in Giles parlance).

A production system is a program that is typically used to provide some sort of artificial intelligence. Giles engines are particularly well-suited to being expert systems, log analyzers, and behavior-detection systems. Giles is a compiler, meaning that it is not itself a production system, but rather a tool for creating production systems. In fact, Giles's defining feature is that its output is not a program in the traditional sense, but rather a schema for a modern, unmodified, SQL-based Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). That means that Giles can turn a normal, unmodified RDBMS into a fully functional production system.

This approach has immediate advantages. Perhaps the most important is that programmers can use normal database access interfaces, which are ubiquitous; this immediately makes Giles engines accessible to far more programmers than those of traditional systems. The engines are also able to take advantage of modern databases' data safety and reliability guarantees, as well as their transactional semantics. This means that Giles engines are capable of dealing with huge amounts of data safely, even in the face of system crashes, and over long periods of time. These benefits are important given the expected use cases of Giles engines: pre-defined production systems that are built into and provide intelligence for larger, potentially long-running and unattended, systems. In other words, Giles lets you deploy a production rule system anywhere where you can deploy your (supported) database.

Obtaining Giles:

The current stable release is version 3.0.2, available here: giles-3.0.2.tar.gz [sign]. All releases are PGP-signed using the above project key.

The latest development code can be pulled from a public read-only Git repository here:
git clone https://git.korelogic.com/giles.git
or from GitHub:
git clone https://github.com/KoreLogicSecurity/giles
This contains tags for stable release versions, and any updates since the last release. All git commits are PGP-signed by a key available from MIT PGP keyservers, signed by the above project key.

Please submit comments, feedback, and bug reports to the above contact address, giles-project@korelogic.com. Please PGP-encrypt anything sensitive.


Improvements such as new features, bug fixes, etc. can be submitted in multiple ways:
  1. Obtain the source code:
    • from a release tarball,
    • or by cloning the git repository;
  2. Create and send us changes:
    • create a patch using diff -urP, git format-patch, etc., and email the patch to giles-project@korelogic.com, or
    • put your modified code in a git repository that we can access (such as GitHub, your own server, etc.), and send us a pull request.
Please PGP sign all patches and correspondence if possible.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our services, tools, or careers with us.
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